ATA offers trade clients fast, efficient servicing where highly trained technicians and the latest technology combine to offer clients guaranteed results.  

We use diagnostic scanners to quickly identify any problems whilst the hydra-test valve body testing and calibration machine simulates actual road test conditions so we know a unit is operating efficiently before it is dispatched to the client. All units are also tested on our Axi-line Dynamometer to ensure they are running quietly. We engineer and build our own top quality torque converters so we can guarantee the highest standard results so you know your clients will be more than satisfied with a job well done. Pickup and delivery can be arranged for anywhere in Australia.

We are experts in all transmission types including the following:

– Automatic Transmissions
– All Automatic CVT Transmissions
– All DSG Transmissions
– All Double Clutch Transmissions
– Manual Transmissions
– Transmission Servicing
– Transmission System Adaptions and Coding



All our transmissions carry a 2 year 40,000km* warranty.


*Conditions Apply

Special Equipment

On a day to day basis we use a range of diagnostic and testing equipment to make sure our clients get the best possible result. This equipment includes a solenoid multi tester, transmission unit test machine, R2D2 Hydraulic bench leakage tester, vacuum transmission case leakage tester and a range of setting tools to ensure correct tolerances on every job.

We have also invested in state of the art machinery to give ATA the competitive edge. When you are working on the high tech, electronically operated transmissions of today accuracy is essential and our investment means you and your customers have access to the best technology and better results. ATA is one of only three transmission workshops in Australia to have these machines onsite.

Hydra test Valve body test and calibration machine

A Hydra-Test valve body testing machine is computer controlled, which is a must for today’s electronically operated transmissions. It can run a fully automated shift sequence as a transmission would and will cycle up and the down through all gears, including TCC lock-up. The time saving Hydra-test is especially useful when we are trying to find a fault that only occurs after the valve body and solenoids have been run for a period of time. 

Axi-Line ‘End of line’ Dynamometer 

This state of the art transmission dynamometer actually simulates driving a car so it acts like a real time road test. After rebuilding a transmission we test it on the Axi-line which can simulate different speeds and road conditions to make sure the transmission performs to specifications. This means every job is one hundred percent tested and performing before leaving our workshop. This is invaluable, especially for our interstate clients.